The Wiz

Our production of The Wiz will take place at Rotherham Civic Theatre from 3rd to 5th November 2014. Tickets can be purchased from the Rotherham Theatres Ticket website.

What’s the show all about? Have a look here!

NODA Review

We started this evening with drama before we had got into the theatre, when I walked to the Civic I could see quite a crowd of people standing outside and did wonder why many were dressed in what appeared to be fancy dress. It turned out to be a fire alarm in the theatre which resulted in the evacuation of the Civic. I have to say the cast had followed Health and Safety rules and had all signed in which made the process much easier all round.


Once we had got into the Civic we were all treated to an excellent production of this popular show, all the principals worked their socks off to give a 110% commitment to deliver the goods. The part of Dorothy is crucial to this show and Sophie Walker was the perfect choice, she was able to bring out the best in this part with her lovely voice, acting skills and also her dancing which she was able to keep up throughout the whole show.


Her three “supporters” were also a credit to the company, Corey Froggatt as the Scarecrow who at times looked as though his whole body was made of rubber, William Ormesher as the Tin Man who again was able to keep up his character and of course as the Cowardly Lion we had Adam Smith who looked so good you could almost forgive anyone for being a little scared of him. All these three contributed to the enjoyment of this excellent production.


Sam Guttridge was perfect as The Wiz with a perfect voice for the singing especially in Believe in Yourself which was magical and also in the delivery of lines a good casting for this part.


This was a great production with some very imaginative ideas in the choreography department; credit must go to Ben Wainwright for his ideas some of which would not have been out of place on the West End Stage. Many congratulations to all involved on an excellent show and especially after quite an experience which could have put everyone off.


Les Smith – NODA rep