Auditions for Oliver! are on Sunday 23rd April starting at 10am in the main hall at Wickersley library with main company auditions, and dance auditions. We anticipate that the company auditions will finish at 11am however we may run over a little (though we will endeavour not to) so warn your parents in advance. EVERYONE who wants to take part in Oliver! must attend at this time. The only requirement for main company auditions is to print off and learn the song “Consider Yourself”.

The lyrics can be found by clicking here

And the backing track by clicking here

You will learn a short dance in one large group and will sing the song all together. Please come dressed to move around and bring a passport photo of yourself and your height in cm. You may also want to bring a drink.

**Please note you will be free to leave once your audition has finished, unless you are auditioning for a principal part, but anyone under the age of 12 will need to be accompanied home by a parent/guardian.

If you would like to try for a principal part please be prepared to sing the song for the character you are auditioning for and deliver the lib. A Cast List, Information Booklet, and all audition pieces can be accessed by clicking on the following links:

Cast List

Audition Advice For Auditionees and Parents

Principal Audition Pieces & Music:

Oliver  &  Song   Dialogue p33-35  

Song: “Where is Love” 

Dodger   &  Song       Dialogue p33-35  

Song: “Consider Yourself” (just the first part that Dodger sings by himself) 

Nancy  & Song 1  &  Song 2   Dialogue p 47 from “Plummy and Slam” into Song “It’s A Fine Life” (until “Let      the wide world frown on us, it’s a fine fine life).  

            Dialogue p 76-77 with Bill Sykes (from Sykes “Try and run away would you?” to p77)

            Song “As Long As He Needs Me”

Fagin  &  Song   Dialogue p39-40  & 76-77

                          Song:  “Reviewing the Situation” (not all)

Bill  &  Song         Dialogue p76-77 with Nancy (from Sykes: “Try and run away would you?” to p77)  

                             Song: “My Name” (not all)

Mr Bumble  & Song   Dialogue p14 -15

Song: “Boy For Sale”

Widow Corney  &  Song   Dialogue p14-15

      Song: “I Shall Scream” from after Mr Bumble says “Will you sit?” ’til end of song

Mr Sowerberry  &  Song     Dialogue p19-20

         Song: “That’s Your Funeral” First verse

Mrs Sowerberry  &  Song    Dialogue p19-20 (to “What’re you going to do with him?”) 

          Song: “That’s Your Funeral” First verse (we may alternate the singing of this        verse between Mr and Mrs Sowerberry in the actual show)

Mr Brownlow       Dialogue p69-70

Noah    Dialogue p26-27

Charlotte   Dialogue p27

Bet Song      Song:  “It’s a Fine Life” (From “Who cares if straightlaces to “on many a behind”)

Principal auditions for boys will start at 11am and will finish at 12.30. Principal auditions for girls will start at 1pm and will finish at 2.30.

Please note: where possible we will get different characters to read together or may have some callbacks so please be prepared to stay longer if necessary.

**Please be aware that being involved in this production is a definite commitment. Each cast member must be present for ALL rehearsals when he/she is required. The only exception to this is if we have been notified of an absence at the time of audition.**

The curtain opens on the sinister interior of the workhouse with a bare dining table, center stage, where the boys will sit. These pale-faced wretches can be seen peering through the bars of a door at the back. Looming above two curving stairways glows the legend “God Is Love” in rough letters. The door is opened and the boys file to the table and sing Food, Glorious Food. At the end of the song, the Widow Corney, who runs the workhouse and Mr. Bumble, the parish beadle, enter and a thin gruel is served. Wolfing the meagre fare, the boys hopelessly stack their bowls, but the hapless Oliver approaches Bumble with the entreaty, “Please sir, I want some more.” He is instantly subdued. Oliver is locked behind the barred door as the rest of the boys exit upstairs.

Oliver is brought forward, bag and baggage, and is led off by Bumble who sings the haunting Boy for Sale. Walking through the streets of London, they arrive at Mr. Sowerberry’s, the undertaker. Oliver is “sold” to the undertaker. Alone and frightened and surrounded by coffins on stage, he sings the plaintive Where Is Love?

Oliver runs away the very next morning, and is picked up hungry and tired in the streets by the Artful Dodger who cheers him up with Consider Yourself. The Dodger leads him through crowded streets to Fagin’s kitchen. The boys come in and Fagin himself appears and, with a mock solemn welcome to Oliver, sings the fantastic You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two. Nancy, Bill Sikes’ girl and Bet arrive. The two of them, accompanied by the boys and Fagin, celebrate their way of life in It’s a Fine Life. The action moves to the next morning when Fagin sends the boys off on a pocket-picking expedition, Oliver among them. The stage now displays a city scene and we witness the capture of Oliver, not for picking pockets, but for simply looking guilty.

In the second act the curtain rises on the “Three Cripples”-an underworld tavern-where Nancy is being encouraged to sing a music hall number, Oom-Pah-Pah. Fagin’s boys pour down the stairs telling of Oliver’s apprehension by the police, at the same time revealing that his innocence has been established and that he is presently ensconced in the home of a rich old gentleman. Fearful lest he give away their set-up, Fagin and Sikes dispatch Nancy to get Oliver back.

Meanwhile, at the home of his new-found benefactor, the erstwhile ragged Oliver has become a well-tailored, well-cared for little lad. Looking out of his bedroom window he observes some passing street vendors crying their wares; he sings Who Will Buy? A plea that his good luck and new situation in life will be permanent. However, the moment he sets foot outside his benefactor’s house, Oliver is seized and dragged off by Nancy to Fagin’s.

In the next scene Fagin occupies the empty stage and considers going straight in Reviewing the Situation. Subsequently, Bumble and Mrs. Corney, now uncomfortably married, discover that Oliver is the scion of a rich family. Their scheme to get him back fails and Nancy, regretting her part in the capture of Oliver, plans to return him to his benefactor at night on London Bridge. Fearful of Sikes, she reprises As Long as He Needs Me. Sikes stalks her and kills her. He grabs Oliver and, after a chase, is himself shot dead. Oliver is restored to his benefactor and Fagin, now without boys, home and money, reprises Reviewing the Situation.

This is the Noda review from Les, he loved it!!

I would think most people will know the story of Oliver Twist and also the film/show from it, Oliver and of course the iconic parts of the title role and Fagin. When Wickersley YoungStars decided to do this show I doubt they would have imagined how much of a success it would be, in the title role of Oliver they had chosen Joe Woods and what a find they had, his singing of “Where is Love” was beautiful and I doubt they would have been a dry eye in the house and he was able to sustain his character all the way through. I mentioned above the role of Fagin and here once again the company had made the right choice in Harvey Cartlidge, he may have been very young to play such a well known role but he pulled it off, his interactions with his young gang and Dodger played by Georgia Green were perfect. As we all know the part of Dodger is usually played by a boy or young man but here we had a young girl playing it and I loved her portrayal. Georgia was nothing less than excellent and she managed to get everything out of it. One part very close to my heart is that of Mr Bumble having played this three times and I was pleased to say Oscar Brockbank was perfect, he managed to get every ounce of humour from the part and his scenes with Widow Corney played by Maisie Vera were a joy to watch. The whole audience laughed and enjoyed their song “I Shall Scream”. The arch villain of this piece is of course Bill Sykes and here Wickersley YoungStars had made the perfect choice in Kyle Baker, he was able to get the right amount of venom to make his part believable. To me the person whole stole the show, and I am sure the majority of the audience had the same idea, was Caitlin Deakin as Nancy, she was fabulous and her singing of “As Long as He Needs Me” was delightful, Caitlin was able to pull on the heart strings of the entire audience and I am sure we all felt for her and how she loved this villain. It would be difficult to mention everyone in this review but I have to say there were no weak links and every part was played to the full and all the members must be congratulated on their performances. Something I don’t usually mention is the set used on shows but here Wickersley YoungStars had chosen a great set to compliment the show, I especially thought it worked well in the “Who Will Buy” number where we could see Oliver and Mrs Bedwin, played by Manda Hacker, above the action to give the appearance they were actually in a bedroom. Many congratulations to everyone involved in Oliver.